Programs / Services

Alcohol, other drugs & QUIT smoking

Counselling, withdrawal, drink-drive and drug-drive assessment is available through MDHS Community Services.  A needle-syringe program (NSP) is also available with a drop off point for used needles outside the Community Services building in Maryborough.  Education and support is available to individuals wishing to give up or cut back smoking.

Chronic Conditions self-management programs

The chronic conditions self management programs aim to assist people manage the emotional and physical pain of living with a chronic health condition. The program is relevant for people living with a broad range of chronic health conditions including cancer, cardiac, pulmonary, renal, arthritis, and depression, in addition to people managing complex social issues.

The Breath of Fresh Air program for example has a health coaching approach utilising the expertise from a diverse group of allied health and nurse practitioners. The program aims to increase participants' confidence in managing symptoms and achieve personal goals for improved health and wellbeing. Individual improvements could be in the area of fatigue management, increased exercise tolerance, improvement in mood and general ability to engage with the community.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program for people who have angina or have had a heart attack or heart surgery.  Education and support is also available to enable people to self manage asthma and diabetes.

Hospital Admissions Risk Program (HARP) - these services help people manage with chronic disease such as cancer, heart or respitory disease, diabetes, aged and/or complex needs who frequently use hospital or are at risk of hospitalisation. Clients may need significant input from the Care Coordinator while others may need emphasis on referral to appropriate services. You may be referred to this service through your GP, other health professionals or if you need assistance you may self-refer.

Community Health Nursing

Including workplace health, men's health, women's health, health assessments, health education, health lifestyle awareness and self-management support in the community setting.  Well women's clinics are also held at each campus of MDHS offering pap tests, contraception options, fertility education and information on menopause, puberty, breast awareness and sexual health.


Podiatry services are provided by  variety of providers from different organisations.  Further information is available from the Community Services Intake Worker and a doctor's referral is required to access these services.

Lifestyle programs

A wide range of lifestyle and living well programs are run at all campuses of MDHS, such as aqua therapy (run in partnership with Maryborough Sports & Leisure Centre), strength training groups,  falls preventions clinics, men's health groups, pilates for back pain and lifestyle programs/challenges to support clients with diabetes or at risk of lifestyle related conditions and to improve healthy eating.  All activities aim to improve overall health and well-being and are supervised by qualified staff.

A number of co-located services are also available through MDHS Community Services, including organisations such as Australian Hearing, Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA), Emergency Accommodation Support Ent (EASE) and Legal Aid.

For mental illness/psychiatric issues or suicide risk, please contact Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services Triage team on telephone 1300 363 788