Allied Health


A dietitian is available at MDHS to provide education, advice and programs that promote health through improved eating, as well as develop modified diets to encourage good nutritional habits.

Occupational Therapy

Therapists are able to assist people of all ages to maximise safety, independence and well-being in their daily activities within their environment whether at home, work or in the community and enhance ability to manage living with injury, illness or disability.

Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

MDHS' physiotherapy service assists clients in the prevention, treatment and management of movement disorders arising from muscle and skeletal injury, illness or disability through the use of movement and exercise.  Exercise physiologists are available to assess and plan safe exercise programs and provide health coaching for clients with acute or chronic injuries or illnesses.

Counselling, social & welfare work

Counselling, casework, referral and advocacy is available at MDHS to support people in dealing with life's challenges, including loss and grief, relationship breakdowns, family issues, stress, anxiety and depression. A Youth Connections program provides assistance for young people who are at risk of disengaging from education, family and the community. Housing Support services are available to eligible people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  Emergency and transitional housing and assistance to maintain current accommodation is also available to eligible clients

Speech Pathology

Speech pathology services are provided to pre-school children and adults.  Regular clinics are available at Maryborough, Avoca and Dunolly.