Medical Imaging

Following the installation of a Computed Tomography (CT) scanner at the end of 2011, MDHS is now able to provide a service usually only available to patients by travelling to larger regional or metropolitan health services. 

The 16-slice CT scanner is the latest state of the art equipment in the Medical Imaging department, joining the existing ultrasound and x-ray equipment.

General radiography and ultrasound appointments are available five days a week.

Ultrasound examinations include obstetrics, abdominal, pelvic, renal, small parts and most musculo-skeletal examinations.  Echocardiography examinations are provided on a fortnightly basis.

Radiography equipment comprises of a high frequency generator which ensures a minimal radiation dose to the patient while increasing the quality of the image.  The X-Ray bed is able to be moved vertically which allows better access for patients using a wheelchair or with limited mobility.  The ceiling suspension of the tube gives the equipment increased mobility and assists when examining patients confined to a trolley.

Medical Imaging also has a dental unit (OPG) which allows visualisation of all the teeth in one image.

The Medical Imaging department is located near the Urgent Care Centre at Maryborough campus.  Patients may use the external Urgent Care Centre entrance or from inside the main hospital building.

Appointments are necessary for all examinations but emergency/urgent examinations will be attended to as soon as possible.

Please contact the Medical Imaging department directly to arrange your appointment on telephone 5461 0353