Visiting Hours: 11am - 12:30pm, 2:30pm - 8pm


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MDHS is a leading regional health services in Victoria, providing innovative, integrated and comprehensive health care to a diverse community.

Acute, Community Services and Medical Imaging are located at Maryborough, with community programs delivered throughout the region, managed by MDHS.

Residential Care services and allied and community nursing services are delivered at all three campuses along with Social Support Groups at Maryborough and Dunolly.

Acute Care

Amherst Ward – Maryborough Campus

The Amherst Ward provides person-centred  care for medical, surgical, maternity and palliative care patients. The ward is staffed by an experienced nurses with a strong commitment to high standards of clinical care.

Visitors are most welcome; however it is important that they visit only during the designated visiting hours.
Rest is very important in recovering from illness so short visiting times are recommended . Rest periods for our patients encouraged from 8:00pm-11:00am

Dunolly  campuses

Dunolly Hospital has four beds dedicated to Acute Care, providing medical and palliative care.

Please note that Dunolly and Avoca campuses do not have facilities to provide emergency care.

Post-Acute Care (PAC)

Post-Acute Care services aim to assist people discharged from hospital who require short-term tailored, community based support services to recuperate in the community.

Transition Care Program (TCP)

The Transition Care Program provides short-term support for community members following an admission to hospital,  providing more time and support to get well after a hospital admission to return to home or into a residential community.

Palliative Care (Merrin Suite)

Palliative Care is specialised multidisciplinary care for people with serious illness that focuses on providing patients with relief from symptoms, pain and stress of a serious life illness whatever the diagnosis.

MDHS Palliative Care Services aim to achieve the best possible quality of life for clients, patients, residents, their carers and families.

Our team provide person-centred palliative treatment, involving clients in all aspects of decision making in regards to care.

Advance Care Planning

Families and health care workers are often required to make medical decisions without knowing a patients preferences.  MDHS has implemented the Advance Care Planning program.

A key aim of the program is the identify patient wishes regarding their health care, particularly around end – of- life issues, and document these in an advance care plan.

Advance Care Planning is a consultation process with health care providers and family members, that help you make decisions about your future health care, should you be unable.

MDHS Advanced Care Planning Booklet

Cancer Resource Nurse 

Cancer Resource Nurse

Community Services

MDHS provides a wide range of services to support the community to return home, stay at home and long term assistance if required.

These include health promotion,empowerment in the prevention of ill-health and community connectedness programs.

These services and programs are available to community members living within the MDHS catchment areas including Maryborough, Dunolly and Avoca, as well as the smaller and more isolated areas within out community.

Residential Aged Care

MDHS provides residential aged care at three campuses – Maryborough, Avoca and Dunolly. All Nursing Homes have achieved accreditation by the Aged Care Standards Accreditation Agency and have an efficient quality governance framework in place to ensure the highest quality of resident focused care.

Residential Care Handbook

Further information is available by contacting the Residential Community Liaison Officer on 5461 10483


Maryborough Residential Community: phone 5461 0341
Avoca Residential Community: phone 5465 1202
Dunolly Residential Community: phone 5468 2900

My Aged Care Website

Please click on the link above to access the My Aged Care website, which has extensive information on how to apply for a place in residential care, fees and charges and other useful publications.

Wellness & Support Centre

The MDHS Wellness & Support Centre supports community members and their families in their journey with chronic illness, offering information and activities that empower people to improve their health and well-being.

The centre has state-of-the-art teleconference facilities that link clients and carers with specialists nationally and internationally to reduce the burden of travel for people who are unwell or have rare conditions.

For more information contact Anne Watson, Community Services Manager on telephone 5461 0333 (select option 1).