Health & Community Collaborative (HCC)

The MDHS Health and Community Collaborative (HCC) is the key forum for community participation in the development of MDHS services relevant to the health needs of the represented community.

Consisting of members of the community and members of the Board with attendance by MDHS Executive staff, the HCC has been implemented to assist the Board with:

  • advice on initiatives relevant to the health of our community.
  • broad strategic planning and policy development processes which contribute to the development of MDHS services in the community.  These sessions are based around a key theme or program area where we are keen to hear from our key partners in the catchment and more broadily in the health arena as well as the opinion of our consumers and community members.
  • two way communication process between MDHS and the community.
  • assist with an annual session to recognise and acknolwedge the many volunteers and support groups that operate across the health service supporting our programs and the patient, clients and residents accessing services.
  • other key components as outlined in the committee Terms of Reference.

The HCC meets up to four times per year with the venue and topic changing to highlight an area of the health service.  Between HCC meetings, "Community Forums" may be held as an additional opportunity for community members or community group representatives to have input with HCC committee members and Executive staff.