Environmental Sustainability

As part of the Department of Health's ResourceSmart Healthcare project (in partnership with Sustainability Victoria), MDHS has developed and submitted an organisational Environmental Sustainability Plan, which makes a commitment to reducing our environmental impacts through adopting an environment policy, setting key objectives and targets, developing an environmental strategy to achieve goals and monitoring and reporting achievements.

In 2011 MDHS was awarded the Central Highlands Water Smart Resource Management Award of the Powercor Central Goldfields Business Awards and has achieved a silver Medal for Water Management under the Waste Wise program. 

An Environmental Sustainability (ES) Committee comprising of staff members dedicated to "going green" meets regularly to progress the objectives and targets outlined in annual action plans, and discuss and develop other ideas and initiatives to reduce waste and MDHS' environmental impact.

The ES Committee has been working through a three-year Action Management Plan which was successful completed in December 2014.  The list below includes the completed items from the Action Plan.

Committee members are currently planning the next stage of development; including investigation into whether solar energy is feasible for the Health Service.

Completed Items - Environmental Sustainability Action Management Plan

Ambulance reports halved
Reduction of excessive paperwork for Ambulance reporting. 

Battery recycling
Battery recycling program introduced, household batteries can now also be collected for recycling.

Bottle & cans recycling
Bottles and cans recycling is now collected by Shire recycling company.

Bulk purchasing reviewed
Bulk purchased on monthly/ weekly basis reducing invoice/ DD paperwork.

Change Avoca airconditioners to inverter style
Replacement program for Avoca airconditioners.

Clinical waste bins
Revamp of clinical waste bins to reduce collection numbers

Consistent efficient internal envelopes
Reusable internal envelopes developed for internal mail.

Dishwasher for Maryborough kitchen
Purchase energy and water efficient dishwasher for Kitchen. Installed 2015.

Dishwasher for Theatre
Purchase energy and water efficient dishwasher for Theatre.

Display regarding our sustainable practices
Noticeboard display for staff/visitors on Health Service recycling projects

Downsizing or changing fleet to diesel
Improving fuel effeciency by purchasing smaller fuel efficient and energy efficient vehicles. New project underway 2015.

Electronic timesheets
HR and payroll now using electronic timesheets reducing hardcopy paperwork.

Energy efficient lighting
Energy efficient lighting placed through Health Service.

Finance paperwork cut down to one invoice per week/month rather than for every purchase
Streamline finance paperwork by reducing invoicing paperwork.

Food waste recycling
Collected and placed on worm farm approx 300 lt/kg per month.

Green waste recycling
Outdoors green waste used as mulching where possible.

Induction program for new staff
Environmental program objectives have been included into mandatory training for staff.

Information Technology recycling
Company has been sourced to recycle IT consumables when recycling required. 

iPad/laptop for Management Committees
iPad/laptops used by managers and care standard committee reducing printing paper minutes.

Mandatory Training reminders via SMS
Staff receiving mandatory training text reminders reducing hard copies.

Paper & cardboard recycling
Recycled paper and cardboard is now collected and recycled by Cleanaway.

Plastic recycling
Plastic now collected and sent to recycling company.

Rationalising printers/copiers
Printer project completed with rationalising of non-duplex copiers. New printer project underway for 2015.

Staff Newsletter
Placed on intranet reducing number of hard copies printed.

Staff/Patient letters emailed
Patient letters/forms to be e-mailed where possible, staff letters to be e-mailed.

"Think before you Print" on all emails
"Think before you print" reminder placed on bottom of all e-mails.

Toner recycling
Toner cartridges now collect and returned to supplier for recycling.

Turn off lights unless dull, air conditioners set at 18-23 degrees, computers off at night
Educational program into energy usage undertaken to reduce energy consumption of lights, air conditioners and computers.